Thundercomm announced its brand-new XR2 VR HMD and 5100 AR glasses solutions at CES 2023

Las Vegas, January 8, 2023 — Thundercomm, the world-leading IoT product and solution provider, unveiled its Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform based VR HMD solution and Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 platform based AR glasses solution at CES 2023. The new XR2 VR HMD solution and 5100 AR glasses solution unlock most of the advanced features of AR/VR glasses to make them an ideal platform for building next-generation AR and VR glasses, featuring low-power consumption, higher resolution, voice recognition and more comfortable to wear.

Thundercomm announced its brand-new XR2 VR HMD and 5100 AR glasses solutions at CES 2023插图

Thundercomm XR2 VR HMD

Thundercomm announced its brand-new XR2 VR HMD and 5100 AR glasses solutions at CES 2023插图1

Thundercomm XR2 VR HMD

Thundercomm all-in-one XR2 VR HMD features 4 x camera based 6DoF head tracking and can support 6DoF controller. The ergonomic design and lighter weight enable it to provide a more comfortable wearing experience. What is more, it also supports video see through via 2 x RGB cameras and can be used as tethered VR HMD with USB cable or via WIFI6 to the PC for wireless rendering. The compact and lightweight headset is not only a XR2 standard VR product, but also a development kit, targeting at MP stage. Clients can develop their own products based on the reference design.

Thundercomm announced its brand-new XR2 VR HMD and 5100 AR glasses solutions at CES 2023插图2

Thundercomm 5100 AR Glasses

5100 AR glasses bring Thundercomm learnings of low power consumption, low memory usage, fast boot and OS optimization into one highly-integrated, compact and lightweight AR glasses reference design, which can handle voice recognition and translation. It supports stereo waveguide optical module, RGB camera, wireless connection, speakers and microphone. Customers can customize the development of AR glasses based on the whole reference design or use the standard 5100 board to faster the product development and mass-production process.

“We are very excited to see the robust development of XR industry and the rapid growth of its applications and user scenarios. The metaverse reshapes our imagination of the future in virtual spaces, and XR technologies laid a solid foundation for the development of metaverse,” said Hiro Cai, CEO of Thundercomm Technologies, “XR2 VR HMD and 5100 AR glasses are another flagship products to Thundercomm XR solution, Thundercomm will continually work with Qualcomm Technologies and many other partners to boost the XR ecosystem development.”

As one of the leading XR solution provider, Thundercomm has flexible offering ranging from AR/VR development kit, reference design, and turnkey solution. Leveraging years of R&D and delivery experience in XR, Thundercomm is committed to deliver the best practice and innovative AR/VR products to OEM customers.    About Thundercomm Thundercomm, a joint venture between ThunderSoft and Qualcomm, was established to accelerate innovation in the Internet of Things and automotive industry, providing one-stop solutions powered by Qualcomm Technologies. Through its capabilities in operating systems including Android, Linux, and others, abroad software and on-device AI technology portfolio acquired from ThunderSoft, and a global sales and support network, Thundercomm is a valuable and trusted partner to global customers aiming to build high-quality, next-generation products and shorten time-to-commercialization. Learn more at