As a significant participant and supporter of Digital China, since its establishment in 2008, ThunderSoft has evolved into a global leader in operating system products and technology. Through the comprehensive initiation of the Smart to Intelligent strategic upgrade, powered by the dual engines of AI and OS, we are moving forward as a new enabler for the era of intelligent everything.

Environment Protection

ThunderSoft and its subsidiaries are not classified as key pollution sources listed by the environmental protection authorities. In daily operations, we earnestly adhere to the relevant laws and regulations regarding environmental protection set by the country.
We strive to collaborate with stakeholders such as employees, customers, and business partners to establish a green and sustainable home. Our commitment to energy conservation and sustainable development aims to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Our business operations do not directly produce pollutants that significantly affect the environment. We consistently integrate environmental protection concepts into our daily operations, and obtained ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system. We actively leverage intelligent technologies to empower green and low-carbon development in the industry, contributing to China’s “Green Intelligence.”
In terms of green operations, ThunderSoft strictly follows environmental protection laws and regulations, formulating rules such as the “Quality and Environment Management Manual” and “Product Environmental Regulation Control Procedure” to enhance environmental management. As a technology-driven company, we expect carbon emissions mainly from office premises. Therefore, we focus on reducing energy consumption by ensuring lights are manually turned off or automatically through sensors when not in use, as well as turning off power to certain IT equipment or automatically shutting down specific systems and devices, contributing to the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.
In the field of industrial intelligence, as the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals gain momentum, industrial enterprises urgently need more options for carbon reduction solutions. As a Schneider Electric ecosystem partner, we co-hosted multiple editions of the “Green Intelligent Manufacturing Win-Win Plan” in collaboration with Schneider Electric and various partners. Together, we explore the development of highly adaptable digital solutions to enable enterprises, driving efficient and sustainable development in China’s industry.
Through collaboration with Schneider Electric and Amazon Web Services, our TurboX Inspection solution, a fusion of intelligent industrial vision, aids production lines in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, surpassing the efficacy of traditional machine vision solutions. This solution was selected for inclusion in the “Innovative China” technology application case library in the field of intelligent manufacturing.
Moving forward, ThunderSoft will continuously expand its technical capabilities and solutions, applying “Green Intelligence” to a broader range of vertical industries. This pursuit aims to achieve greater sustainability, enhance energy utilization efficiency, and implement various carbon-neutral practices to protect and optimize the environment.

Employee Care

ThunderSoft adheres to a “people-oriented” approach and upholds the values of “truth-seeking and pragmatic, determined enterprising, open and equal, united and cooperative.” Actively listening to employee needs, we address various aspects such as talent selection, cultivation, utilization, and retention, optimizing talent development systems, supporting the growth of female employees, assisting those in need, and enhancing employee sense of belonging and happiness. We are devoted to giving back to society through volunteer and charity activities, sharing our developmental achievements with the public, spreading positive energy, and collaborating with stakeholders to create a more harmonious and better society.ThunderSoft will always focus on the field of intelligent operating systems, empowering the whole industry with full-stack products, technology, and solutions, to enrich an intelligent world. This has been our founding mission and is our ongoing aspiration for the company.

Customers and Suppliers

ThunderSoft strictly implements product quality control in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system requirements. We continuously improve customer management mechanisms, optimize customer management processes, reduce internal process nodes, and enhance service efficiency. At the same time, we analyze and solve problems from the perspective of customer needs, continuously enhance customer relationship management and customer service levels, and earn customer trust.
The concept of social responsibility is integrated into supplier management. Throughout the procurement process, including material certification, supplier certification, supplier selection, daily management, performance evaluation, lifecycle management, and supplier performance assessment, social responsibility factors are important assessment indicators. This elevates supplier social responsibility management, gradually forming a “community of responsibility.”

Information Security

In terms of information security, ThunderSoft adheres to relevant laws and regulations regarding information protection and cybersecurity. We obtained ISO 27001 certification for information security management system in 2009 and have maintained it to date. The company has established an information security management organization and system based on ISO 27001 and has a dedicated information security management organization. Regular information security management reviews and comprehensive assessments are conducted. Through measures such as server security management, network architecture upgrades, and the deployment of information security tools, we continuously strengthen the construction of information security infrastructure to address the complexities of future network environments.
Furthermore, the company places high importance on safeguarding customer information privacy. Through the formulation of documents such as the “Information Security Management Manual,” we enhance the information protection system, improve data security capabilities, and establish rigorous employee ethical standards to ensure customer information security. Additionally, the company maintains smooth communication with leading manufacturers in the intelligent industry regarding the establishment and improvement of security standards, and provides customized security services to customers.

Intellectual Property Protection

In terms of intellectual property protection, ThunderSoft adheres to integrity in business operations and upholds commercial ethics. We strictly abide by relevant laws, regulations, and international treaties concerning patents, trademarks, copyrights, and more. We have formulated and implemented norms such as the “Trademark Management Measures,” “Patent Management Measures,” “Software Copyright Management Measures,” and “Intellectual Property Application Guidelines.” We continuously enhance our awareness of intellectual property strategies, follow related regulations and strategies through a high-standard intellectual property management mechanism, and effectively implement intellectual property management work. This allows us to achieve sustained accumulation and growth of intangible assets related to our core business.

Social Contribution

While pursuing high-quality development, ThunderSoft actively promotes the spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress. We focus on areas such as supporting vulnerable groups and organize a variety of public welfare activities, including donations and material assistance. By collaborating with more partner organizations, we gather collective strength to contribute positively to equal education for disabled children and the recovery of disaster-affected communities. Leveraging our technological and talent advantages, we aim to inspire positive social energy, illuminate hope, and spread warmth throughout society. Through proactive actions, we demonstrate our responsibility and commitment to making a difference.