Thundercomm demonstrated GenAI integrated robotics solution to accelerate a new wave of robotics innovation

Jun. 28th 2023, Thundercomm, a world leading IoT product and solution provider, announced the successful integration of its privately deployed Rubik large language model(LLM) with Qualcomm RB5 AMR Reference Design. The AGI integrated robotics solution was demonstrated at MWC Shanghai. People can get a bottle of coke or a pack of chips by simply asking the robot to get it just like asking a waiter, which attracted a great deal of attention.

In this demonstration, Rubik LLM is deployed on TurboX C8550 SOM, which is a high performance compute module powered by Qualcomm QCS8550 SoC. It receives the voice input from the human, analyses the request precisely and outputs the code of the tasks to the robot for execution. The AMR reference design is powered by Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform, a premium robotics platform integrating VSLAM and compute vision algorithms for navigation and object recognition.

The AGI Integrated robotics solution creates many possibilities for the upgrading and innovation of robotics industry:

• Enables a more natural language interaction. With the Rubik LLM, the communication between human and robot becomes more efficient and natural, without the coding of the specific task.

• Delivers a better understanding of human aims. Rubik LLM is a huge parameter foundation model, which has a large-scale training data and complex neural network structure to deliver a more accurate understanding of human language in multiple languages.

Provides a faster processing rate at the edge with super low response latency. With the core competency in model optimization and compression technologies, Rubik LLM can process faster at the edge, with the almost near zero response latency, the robot can provide a better user experience. “The demonstration of AGI integrated robotics solution is a good example how Thundercomm  leverages the cutting-edge SoC solution from Qualcomm Technologies and expands the AI applications in fast-growing verticals such as robotics.” Said Hiro Cai, CEO at Thundercomm. “We will collaborate with our existing and new robotics partners to co-define the next generation of future-oriented robotics solutions, which can perform the non-predefined tasks in complicated environments to improve the overall efficiency and accelerate the digital transformation of the industries.”